Březen 2009

za bleskowku od AdushQa

31. března 2009 v 19:51 | hauzrc(majkétka) |  diplomy naše
fuuujj,,,ten je hnusnej:D:D:Dne kecam..ae zas nemusela bejt paris:D

nej Joe???

31. března 2009 v 19:10 | hauzrc(majkétka) & Lucy |  ankety :D

New poster

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Avy joick

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Klik na CČ :D

Sell 800,000 Tickets for North American Tour

31. března 2009 v 18:02 | hauzrc(majkétka) |  News

-The Jonas Brothers are set to hit the road this summer and take North American and the World by storm:
"Fans purchased over 800,000 tickets, resulting in sold-out arena shows in major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Houston, Pittsburgh, Edmonton, New Orleans and Atlanta. Second dates were immediately added in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and Vancouver. In addition, the Jonas Brothers sold out five arena shows in the New York area to meet the tremendous fan demand.
The show will feature cutting edge technology used in a one-of-a-kind circular water screen, multi-color laser effects, motion automated video screens, a giant crane levitating over the audience plus other surprises that will bring the tour to the next level of concert entertainment. Special guests American Idol winner and 19 Entertainment/Jive Records' platinum-selling artist, Jordin Sparks and rising stars, Honor Society.
"The Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009″ will also take the band to three continents where they will perform their hits along with new music from their upcoming Hollywood Records album set for world-wide release on June 15th. Starting on May 17th in Monterrey, Mexico, Jonas Brothers will bring their world tour to Latin America for six dates in countries such as Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Hollywood Records artist and star of the Disney Channel original movie "Camp Rock," and the television series "Sonny With A Chance," Demi Lovato, will be opening all Latin American shows on "The Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009." After a brief visit to Europe in June including sold-out dates in Madrid, Paris and London, the band will tour North America and then return to Europe for a full continental tour in October and November of this year."
Did you get your tickets for the World Tour?

frenkie on KCA

31. března 2009 v 17:54 | hauzrc(majkétka) |  INTERVIEWS
Frenkie Jonas na oranzovem koberci na KCA v sobotu. Frenkie nam vypravel ze Nick ho uci hrat na bici a VY mate vymyslet jmeno jeho kapely


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after get slimed in backstage

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get slimed II

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House in Blues (po ukonceni KCA 09)

31. března 2009 v 17:05 | hauzrc(majkétka) |  Akce

KCA get slimed:D

30. března 2009 v 19:58 | hauzrc(majkétka) |  Akce

zdroj: 3hena3

Foto Května

30. března 2009 v 19:40 | hauzrc(majkétka) & Lucy |  ankety :D

vysledek fota Dubna

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15.SB AdushQa

30. března 2009 v 17:20 | hauzrc(majkétka) & Lucy |  SB Affs ..:**
15 Sb AdushQa...
blog hlavne o miley ze?:D jinak je tam i disney stars girls...

  • adresa blogu- stars-music-disney.blog.cz
  • přezdívka- AdushQa
  • a o čem je váš blog- disney stars..aaa halvne Miley...


30. března 2009 v 14:45 | hauzrc(majkétka) |  Diary
cuskyyy...ci vam naopast..ze neska tu moc asik nebudu...i kdyz vecir asik urcote...ted pudu do mesta..aa dem nakupovat(teda vybrat veci..schovat si to u ty prodavacky..a ve stredy dy budou slevy si to dojit kupit:D) vychcanost vim..ae neva..jen si napsattt..ze nestiham oihat SBcka taaak at se nedivej,,,ok
aaaa tak ja padm at tam nepridu pozde..pp

jinak jak se mateee???:D

Navstevnost (23.3. 2009 - 29.3. 2009)

30. března 2009 v 14:42 | hauzrc(majkétka) & Lucy |  náštevnost
Navstevnost za minuly tyden (23.3. 2009 - 29.3. 2009) je:
Pondeli: 62
Utery: 66
Streda: 70
Ctvrtek: 62
Patek: 76
Sobota: 0
Nedele: 50

Celkem: 386

aaa hhajzloveee..normelne nam nezapocitali sobotu....ae normalne..konecne sme se i dostali pres 50:D:D zazraaaaakkk:D...ok uz koncim ae cem vaaam moc, moc moc podekovat...ste zlataaaaa:-*